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Hotels in Auli

12 Best Auli Hotels And Resorts | Hotels and Resort In Auli For Stay

Auli is a beautiful destination to enjoy a memorable and affordable vacation in India. Popular as the best Skiing destination across the country, it attracts a huge crowd during winters from all over the world. When planning a trip accomodation is a major problem. So here are the best luxurious and comfortable hotels in Auli to play your stay. Take a look at these Auli hotels and decide which you want to book on your next Auli trip.

Auli Stay Enquiry
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Best Hotels in Auli

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Blue Poppy Resort is the only motor-able hotel in the entire Auli offering you a variety of 24 beautiful and cosy huts to plan a stay in. Witness a beautiful view of the highest peaks of Hathi, Ghoda, Palki, and Nanda Devi from your rooms. This place is a heaven for bird watchers, with rooms starting just from INR 6000.

  • Location – Near GMVN, Auli
  • Stay Type – Family Room, Double Occupancy Hut, and Triple Occupancy Hut
  • Inclusions – Meals – CP, MAP/AP | Luxury Room | Himalayan View 

Starting Price – ₹7600 per person only

893+ Reviews

GMVN Ski Resort Auli is a beautiful property at an outstanding location in Auli. With fantastic views around, good service, and comfortable rooms- everything at reasonable rates. Auli ski resort attracts a huge crowd of tourists throughout the year.

  • Location – ITBP Road, Auli, JoshiMath
  • Stay Type – Luxury Rooms with Air Conditioner
  • Distance from Auli – 100 metres

Starting Price – ₹2500 per person only

350+ Reviews

Mountain rover is a Ski and Nature retreat in Auli Himalayas. It is one of the best hotels in Auli with its rooms offering an astonishing 180 degree view of the snow-capped peaks surrounding this boutique hotel. This hotel in Auli also offers you a wide variety of adventures including treks, skiing, night trails and bird watching.

  • Location – near, ITBP Road, Auli Laga Joshimath
  • Distance from Auli – 200 metres
  • Stay Type – Special Luxury Room With Air Conditioner

Starting Price – ₹5500 per person only

257+ Reviews

Panchvati Inn is a beautiful and affordable Hotel to plan a stay near Auli in Joshimath. The distance is just 8 km from Auli village. It offers you 5 different types of room at an attractive price. The property is just 800m away from the popular Narsingh Mandir. Enjoy the stunning views of snow-covered mountains from your rooms, and enjoy some refreshing and tasty cuisine at the on-site restaurants.

  • Location – Near Shri Badrinath Highway, Joshimath Town
  • Distance from Auli – 10 Kms
  • Stay Type – Bouble bed deluxe, Triple bed deluxe and Four bed deluxe

Starting Price – ₹2600 per person

150+ Reviews

The Tattva Resort is a beautiful and splendid blend of nature and modernity. Enjoy a luxurious, comfortable and stylish stay at this property in Joshimath. There are more than 35 speakers which fill this whole property with soothing and relaxing music throughout the day. Regarded as one of the finest hotels in Auli, Joshimath, you can definitely consider staying here on your next auli trip.

  • Location: Shri Badrinath Road, Near Tapovan Taxi Stand, Joshimath
  • Distance from Auli – 9 Kms
  • Stay Options – Double, Triple, and Four Luxury Rooms with Air Conditioners 

Starting Price – 6600 per person

257+ Reviews

Hotel Mount View is a nice place to plan a stay at. Located in Joshimath, this hotel has four types of different room categories. It’s very close to the market of Joshimath, trolley to Auli, etc which makes it one of the favourite choice of travellers.

  • Location – Badrinath Main Road, Uppar Bazzar, Joshimath
  • Distance from Auli – 9.5 Kms
  • Stay Type – Luxury Rooms

Starting Price – ₹2500 per person

120+ Reviews

Hotel Sapphire at Joshimath is a nice place to stay om your Auli vacation this stime. With comfortable rooms, friendly and courteous staff, good amenities, and delicious & healthy food, Sapphire is a perfect place to spend your days in Auli. The beautiful and soothing views from each room would be atreat to your eyes.

  • Location: Near NH 7, Joshimath
  • Distance from Auli – 9.3 Kms
  • Stay Options –Double, Triple, and Four Luxury Rooms

Starting Price – ₹2700 per person only

443+ Reviews

One of the affordable hotels in Auli, Hotel Sai Dham is an attractive property located in Joshimath, just at a distance of 50 meters from the Auli ropeway starting point. This hotel also provides you with various skiing packages. You can choose from a wide variety of rooms and plan your stay here.

  • Location – TCP Bazar, Near Auli Ropway, Shree Badrinath Road, Joshimath
  • Distance from Auli – 10 Kms
  • Stay Type – Himalayan View with AC Rooms

Starting Price – ₹ 2900 per person only

565 Reviews

Hotel uday palace is located in joshimath, lower bazar near the Narsingh Temple. The temple is located at a walking distance from here. You can book your stay at Uday Palace and choose your preferable room type from the 20 luxurious rooms provided here. Some rooms with a temple view are also available, which are quite famous amongst the travellers.

  • Location: Near Shri Narsingh Temple, Auli Laga Joshimath
  • Distance from Auli – 10 Kms
  • Stay Options – AC / Heater Rooms

Starting Price – ₹ 2500 per person only

387+ Reviews

The Sleeping beauty is a famous hotel offering splendid city views as well as stunning views of himalayan peaks. Auli is just 8km from this place. Engage in adventurous activities such as skiing, camping, trekking, hiking, and sightseeing here. This hotel has 13 rooms which are divided in two categories, you can choose according to your preference.

  • Location – Near Auli Laga Salude Road
  • Distance from Auli – 8 Kms
  • Stay Type – Luxury Rooms with Air Conditioners

Starting Price – ₹ 2000 per person only

465+ Reviews

Hotel dronagiri is a luxurious property with cozy rooms offering you stunning views and top-class facilities. Wake up everyday witnessing the majestic views of beautiful himalayas. Jogi Dhara waterfalls is just 1.6km away from Hotel Dronagiri. Ahaar, the on-site restaurant offers you north indian, chinese, oriental and continental cuisines.

  • Location – Main Badrinath Road, Joshimath
  • Distance from Auli – 9.4 Kms
  • Stay Type – Suit Luxury Rooms with Air Conditioners

Starting Price ₹2600 per person only

143+ Reviews

Manik Resort is a luxurious hotel to plan a stay in Auli. This hotel has a serene backdrop and stunning greenery. This resort is quite close to major city attractions at Auli. You can spend your evenings in the luxurious laws offered here. Enjoy delicious multi-cuisine at the in house restaurant here at Manik Resort.

  • Location – Near Ice Skating Point, Auli Road, Joshimath
  • Distance from Auli – 1.5 Kms
  • Stay Type – Himalayan View Point Luxury Room with Ac

Starting Price – ₹ 6600 per person only

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Auli:

Joshimath is located just 9 km away from Auli. One can take a cab to reach there. The other famous way to travel Auli is ropeway ride from Joshimath.

Auli is an adventurous destination. Here are the must to do things in Auli.

  1. Auli Ropeway Ride
  2. Go for Skiing in Auli
  3. Visit Auli Lake
  4. Short Trek in Gurson Bugyal
  5. Embrace the beauty of Joshimath

To check full list of things to do in Auli. Visit here.

The best time to visit Auli is from December-June.

Here is the best budget hotel near Auli.

  1. The Sleeping Beauty
  2. Blue Poppy Resorts
  3. Himalayan Eco Lodges
  4. Grand Ishwari Narayani Hotel
  5. Hotel Mount View Annexy

More About Auli: