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20 Best Places to Visit in Nainital

Places to visit in Nainital

Nainital-the lake city known for its beautiful lakes and various temples, enthralling treks, and more, is a perfect tourist destination. Nainital has many stunning locations, including Sattal, Bhimtal, Snow view Point, Tiffin Top, and Cheena Peak. Trying to plan that perfect trip? There is too much to explore and experience in the lap of nature. 

Here we have tried to make your work a bit easy by providing you with the 20 best places you can visit in Nainital on your next vacation.

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Below here, we are providing you with the top 20 best places to visit in Nainital:-

1. Naini Lake

Naini Lake | Places to visit
708+ Reviews

One of the best places to visit in Nainital, Nainital Lake is one of the most visited lakes in India. Indulge in boating and get some amazing scenic views surrounded by greenery. It will leave you mesmerized. You can also enjoy a peaceful early morning or evening stroll around the lake. Your trip to Nainital stays incomplete if you don’t explore this gem.

Distance: 1km from bus stand

Things to do: Boating & Photography

2. Naina Devi Temple

Visit Naina Devi Temple
446+ Reviews

Naina Devi Temple is a famous Shakti Peeth and a beautiful place to explore. Dedicated to goddess Naina Devi, this temple is one of the top attractions in Nainital. Visit this place and fill your soul with tranquility and peace.

Distance: 500m from Naini Lake

3. Mall Road

Mall Road | The Best Walking Tour
356+ Reviews

Mall Road is something you should explore on your Nainital trip. Enjoy evening walks in this happening place and enjoy the vibe of Nainital. You can shop for different famous scented candles here made by local people, wooden artifacts, woollen clothes, and more here.

Things to do – Shopping & Walking

4. Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park, Ramnagar, Nainital
400+ Reviews

Corbett National Park is one of the top tourist places in Nainital. You should not miss enjoying a thrilling safari here. Catch sight of different animals, and if lucky, the tigers too. November to February is the best time to explore Corbett.

Location: Ramnagar

Things to do: Corbett Jeep Safari & Canter Safari

5. Tiffin Top

Trek to Tiffin top
443+ Reviews

Tiffin top, also known as Dorothy’s Seat, stands among the best places to visit in Nainital. It is a famous picnic spot in this beautiful lake city. This place is worth visiting by offering you a 360-degree view of this stunning city. You can easily reach here after completing an easy trek of 4 km or ride a pony from the mall road.

Location: 4 km uphill from the Mall Road

6. Eco Cave Gardens

Eco Cave Garden Park in Nainital
524+ Reviews

Eco Caves Garden is a perfect offbeat place to visit in Nainital. This garden is not much crowded compared to other sightseeing places in Nainital. It has recently become one of the favourite tourist places of Nainital. You can learn about the Kumaon region’s wildlife at this place.

Location: Sukhatal, Mallital, Nainital

 Entry Time – 10:00am to 5:00pm

7. Kilbury Bird Sanctuary

Pangot and Kilbury Bird Sanctuary in Nainital
124+ Reviews

If you are a bird watcher, do not miss visiting this place on your next Nainital trip. Kilbury Bird Sanctuary is a nice place to visit and explore in Nainital. You can also enjoy a fun picnic evening here. Enjoy a close encounter with various species of birds and have a memorable time here.

Things to do – Camping & Photography

Entry: 250 to 500 per person

8. Raj Bhavan

427+ Reviews

Raj Bhawan, famously known as the Governor’s House, is one of the best sightseeing places in Nainital. Enjoy the beautiful serene landscapes this place is surrounded by. Catch sight of British architecture and experience the British era’s vibe here.

Location: Amghari, Nainital

Entry: 8:00am to 5:00pm

9. Snow View Point

Snow Point View in Nainital
64+ Reviews

Enjoy the stunning view of the majestic Himalayas at this beautiful sightseeing point of Nainital. It is one of the most loved places by tourists in Nainital. Catch a mesmerizing view of the snow-covered peaks of Nanda Devi, Trishul, and Nanda Kot. You can reach here enjoying a cable car ride from the main town of Nainital.

10. Cheena Peak

Nainital Cheena peak
340+ Reviews

Cheena Peak, popularly known as the Naina Peak, is undoubtedly one of the best tourist places in Nainital. This is a paradise for trekking lovers. Enjoy a mesmerizing bird’s eye view of the beautiful lake city from the highest hilltop. This is a must-visit place in Nainital.

Things to do: Trekking & Hiking

11. Hanuman Garhi

Hanuman Garhi in Nainital
310+ Reviews

You should not miss exploring this place on your Nainital trip. Hanuman Garhi is a temple dedicated to lord Hanuman. Visit here and seek lord hanuman’s blessings. This is one of the best sightseeing places in Nainital, too, because of its mesmerizing sunrise and sunset views. You can reach here after completing a small trek of 3.5km or by riding a vehicle.

Location: 3 to 4km from Nainital Bus Stand 

12. Sariyatal

Sariyatal | Best places to visit
480+ Reviews

Popular for its lakes, another beautiful lake you can visit and explore in Nainital is Sariyatal. This beautiful jade green lake is another good place to visit in Nainital. Its serene atmosphere, cooling weather, mesmerizing landscapes, photogenic backdrop, beautiful botanical garden, water activities, and more makes it a must-visit place. You can enjoy quality time here with your loved ones.

Things to do: Photography & Boating

13. Khurpatal

Khurpatal | Best places to visit in Nainital
390+ Reviews

The emerald blue-green Khurpatal lake is a popular tourist spot in Nainital. Located around 12 km from Nainital, it is the best offbeat location to spend a good time with your partner. You can try exciting activities such as fishing, boating, and trekking through the dense forests in and around Khurpatal.

14. Nainital Ropeway

Enjoy ropeway ride (trolley) to the top of Naini Lake
780+ Reviews

If you are exploring Nainital, you must try a ropeway ride. The Nainital Ropeway is one of the best things you will experience on your trip. The ride is filled with mesmerizing scenic views and a lot of excitement. One can witness the most surreal views of the gorgeous lake city above the sky.

Timing: 10:00am to 4:00pm

15. Lands End

Lands End and picnic point| places to visit
110+ Reviews

Lands End is the perfect place for you to enjoy a stunning view of this lake city from a hilltop. You will be stunned to see the beautiful views of Khurpatal, small villages, and pine forests from here. You need to cover a short distance of 4 km to reach here, either by walking or enjoying a pony ride.

Things to do: Horse Ride & Trekking

16. Bhimtal Lake

Bhimtal Lake | Places to visit in Nainital
620+ Reviews

A famous lake in the town of Bhimtal, it is the largest lake in the Kumaon Region. Located amidst beautiful green mountains, this is a very famous tourist spot. You can enjoy evening strolls around the lake, boating, or bird watching here. Bird watching is a favourite activity of tourists visiting here in the Autumn and Spring seasons.

Things to do: Boating 

17. Sattal

Sattal | Best places to visit in nainital
584+ Reviews

Sattal is a point where 7 freshwater lakes meet. You can visit this place on the day you are exploring Bhimtal, as both places are in close proximity. Located at 1370 m above sea level, this lake offers some stunning vistas of nature amidst dense forests of Oak and Pine trees. You can explore a wide variety of flora and fauna here. It is a perfect offbeat destination to explore in Nainital, as it is untouched and undisturbed by the crowds.

Things to do: Boating & Bird Watching

Location: Chhakata Range, Nainital

18. Kainchi Dham

Kainchi Dham | Best places to visit
410+ Reviews

Kainchi Dham is a very famous religious site in Nainital. Many of Lord Hanuman’s followers visit this temple and ashram every day. You will feel relaxed after witnessing the beautiful views of lush green valleys and hills from here. You can also participate in the huge festival organized by the temple on June 15th.

Location: Bhowali, Nainital

Things to do: Meditation

19. St. John's Church

St. John's Church in Nainital | Places to visit in nainital
344+ Reviews

St John’s Church, also famous as St John’s the wilderness, is one of the most visited tourist places in Nainital. You can have a peaceful time here with yourself here. The beautiful architecture will leave you stunned. Offer your prayers here and learn about the history of this place here.

Location: Sherwani, Nainital

20. Tibet Market

Shopping Tibetan Market | Best Things to do
211+ Reviews

If you are a shopping enthusiast, you cannot miss visiting the Tibetan market in Nainital. It is yet another place to visit and explore in Nainital. If you love shopping, you can shop for souvenirs, wooden artifacts, Tibetan stuff, special shawls, and more here. You will also experience a true Tibetan vibe and learn about their culture.

Things to do: Shopping & Try Tibetan food

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