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Kedarkantha Trek, Uttarakhand

Nourished with mother nature at its best, the Uttarakhand has a mystical and tranquil aura with majestic Himalayan peaks, scenic valleys surrounded by hills, and dense forests. Such heaven is Kedarkantha Trek for beginners and experienced trekkers who love hovering in snow amid nature. Kedarkantha is also India’s popular winter trek as trekkers get to witness snow-clad mountains, quaint villages, frozen lake and powdery trails. And trekking in such rich flora is an experience to behold forever. Kedarkantha Trek is also packed with an amazing camping experience in the hills. 

Quick Facts:

  • Starting Point – Sankri / Dehradun
  • Ending Point – Sankri / Dehradun
  • Duration – 5 nights 6 days
  • Difficulty level – Moderate
  • Altitude / Height – 12500 feet

Cost – Starting from Rs 5390!

Kedarkantha Trek: Details

Perched in the western Garhwal region of Uttarkashi, the Kedarkantha is a mesmerizing 20 km trek with an easy to moderate hiking level. There are three routes to reach the summit – Sankri, Kotgaon and Gaichwan route. And each route has its unique and different sightings. Walk the dense forest through Mori Valley with River Tons beside. The snow falls in Kedarkantha till the end of April, making it the best winter trek lying on the fringe of Govind National Park in Uttarakhand. Capture the panoramic view of mountain peaks, including Swargarohini, Bandarpunch, Black Peak, creating the backdrop hypnotizing during sunrise and sunset.


Kedarkantha: History

Kedarkantha is also known as Bal-Kedar, which was supposed to be the Kedarnath, Kedarkantha is means ‘throat of Lord Shiva’, has a myth that goes back to the Mahabharata time. According to the devotees, it is believed that after the war between Kaurava’s & Pandava’s, Pandava’s travelled to the Himalayas to seek Mahadev’s blessings, but Lord Shiva didn’t meet them and disguised himself as a bull and hid here. While meditating, Lord Shiva got disturbed by the village men, and he disappeared to continue his meditation on the present Kedarnath, a famous abode of Lord Shiva. The people of Sankri village believe that the ‘Trishul’ of Mahadev placed at the summit protects them and keeps the place blessed with his unseen presence.

Kedarkantha Trek: Height

Kedarkantha is the highest summit in Uttarakhand, located in Govind wildlife sanctuary at the height of 12500 ft. (3810 meters). To reach the Kedarkantha peak, it will take three days of 4-6 km trek per day. From Kedarkantha peak, one can see the different mountain peaks like Har ki Dun, Kinner Kailash, Gangotri and Yamunotri ranges, and Rupin range. So rest for some time here, take breathtaking photos of your experience, and admire the sight of mountain ranges covered with trees and snow.

Best Time for Kedarkantha Trek:

Kedarkantha is all season trek. But if you want to witness a proper snow trek experience, visit between November to April when mountain peaks and trees are covered with snow, frozen lakes, and snow everywhere. However, it is not suitable to trek in July & August  (rainy season) as rainfall makes trails slippery, and it gets dangerous to walk.

Kedakantha Trek in Winters:

In winters, Kedarkantha becomes a snow trek. You can expect the first snowfall of the year on the Kedarkantha trek at the end of December that falls till February. The region receives high snowfall during January when the entire Kedarkantha is covered in a white sheet of snow. The days become colder with the lowest temperature record of around 6℃ followed by the extremely cold nights with the temperature lowers around -5℃.

Kedarkantha Trek in Summers:

Feel bliss when you trek to kedarkantha in summer season as well, and the place comes alive with the flowers blooming amid the meadows of scenic landscapes. The summer is a great time for all who search for cold and pleasant weather. The clear blue sky, warm sunlight, and colourful blooming flowers and lush greery makes Kedarkantha a perfect place for a trek!

Stay during the Kedarkantha trek.

As the Kedarkantha is situated at a higher altitude, only nature lovers and trekking enthusiasts visit the place. You can stay with the locals in a homestay in nearby villages like Sankri or Purola, but there are no hotels, resorts, or guest-houses at Kedarkantha base camp or the summit. The trekker ought to take the tent and bedding with them and camp along the way when you take a halt at night from trekking. The trek organizers provide you with the tent and necessary equipment. If you’re travelling solo, you can rent a tent from a town close to the base camp.

Food at Kedarkantha trek

Since Kedarkantha is perched at a higher altitude, it is impossible to find any roadside restaurants or local dhabas on the way, especially during the winter and monsoon. If you’re lucky, you may find a few snack shacks but don’t rely on them. Instead, you can buy the eateries at lower altitudes with more populated areas. If you book the Kedarkantha trek through the trek organizers, the company will take care of all your meals during the trek, but keep energy food like dry fruits and nuts, energy bars, or drinks for the trekking route.

Kedarkantha Trek: Short itinerary

Day 1: Arrival at Sankri from Dehradun. Followed by a delicious dinner & overnight Stay at the guest house.

Day 2: Trek to Juda ka Talab for the skyline. Overnight stay in camp.

Day 3: Trek to Kedarkantha Base camp and set your camp. Enjoy the beautiful sunset view from the basecamp, followed by an overnight memorable camp stay.

Day 4: Time to warm up and head to trek towards the Kedarkantha summit. Stay at the trek summit point for a while, watch the mesmerizing panoramic view of snow peak mountain ranges. Then, return to the basecamp to spend the cosy night under the stars in your tents.

Day 5: Trek back to Sankri & overnight stay.

Day 6: Return from Sankri to Dehradun and then your respective hometown. The trip ends here.

Important things to know before you plan a kedarkantha Trek:

  • Avoid trekking to the Kedarkantha summit during the monsoon as the place receives heavy rainfall that leads to cloudbursts, landslides, and roads get blocked.
  • Dense forests and snow-covered trails surround the place. Therefore, it is advised to book a guided trek, so there is no chance of going missing in the wild.
  • The temperature at the Kedarkantha peak decreases up to -5℃ to 3℃ during the night and 6℃ to 15℃ during the day, so bring enough warm clothes and heavy thermals with you.
  • The heavier the luggage, the more difficult it becomes to walk. Pack as a minimum and only important things in your trek bag as possible as you ought to climb the mountains.
  • Bring original valid ID proof like Adhar Card and Driving license with you at the time of check-in.
  • Network and internet connectivity is quite infrequent in Kedarkantha. So, make your travel playlist offline, make notes you need or anything in particular on the phone before entering the low network zone.
  • The last ATM on the road to Kedarkantha is in Purola gaon near Sankri, and due to insufficient network, no online payments are active. Make sure you withdraw enough cash to meet requirements.
  • Situated on the higher altitudes, electricity in Kedarkantha is rarely a common amenity. Make sure to fully charge your digital gadgets, pack extra charged batteries, and power bank up to 20,000 mAh to survive the entire trek.
  • Keep your batteries and power banks in a small pouch in your backpack and keep them warm to avoid battery drainage in the cold weather.
  • The trek depends on the weather conditions. Due to bad weather, if the trek doesn’t commence at the given time, we will inform you about further possibilities.
  • Camping is a way to indulge in nature closely away from urban life, so you should not expect any luxury during the trek.
  • Pack the essential energy food like energy bars, dry fruits, and nuts for the trek.
  • Be a responsible traveller and forbid littering in nature. Carry garbage bags and avoid the use of any plastic ruining the mountains and water.
  • Children below the age of 10 years are not allowed on the Kedarkantha winter trek.
  • Let the trek organizers know a few days before about your change of plans, if any. 

Kedarkantha Trek: Cost

Kedarkantha Trek has two variants:

  1. Kedarkantha Trek from Sankri | 5 Nights 6 Days – Rs 5390 per person
  2. Kedarkantha Trek from Dehradun | 5 Nights | 6 Days – Rs 7440 per person


  • All meals during the trek
  • Clean tents and bedding for camping during the trek.
  • All trekking equipment cosy- sleeping bag, trekking pole, etc.
  • Forest camping charges, entry fees and permits.
  • Experience trek leader and mountaineering guide.
  • Transportation from Dehradun to Sankri and back. (Only in Kedarkantha Trek from Dehradun Variant)


  • Anything not mentioned in “Inclusions”

Kedarkantha Trek: Highlights

  1. Beautiful drive through the dense pine forests with the snow-peaked Himalayas.
  2. Ground your camp near scenic campsites like Juda Ka Talab, Hargaon, Sankri.
  3. Trek to reach the summit of an elevation above 3800 meters and enjoy the 360° views of various peaks such as Kinner Kailash.
  4. Watch the magical Himalayan Skyline by the fire while camping near Kedarkantha peak.
  5. Enjoy skiing (you will be thrilled more with plenty of snow in winters!) offered in Kedarkantha base camp.

Kedarkantha Trek: Itinerary

Day 1: Dehradun-Sankri (8-7 hrs drive)

  • Start your journey from Dehradun in the early morning to cover the distance of 200 km to reach Sankri. You will be driving through the pine forests surrounded by the scenic landscape with distant mountains and river Tons by the side. 
  • Upon arrival at Sankri, check in to your rooms and take a rest. 
  • Walk around the mystical village located at the height above 1950 meters, visit local cafes for Garhwali food and tea with an enchanting view. Breathe the fresh, clean air of the Himalayas and spend your night under a starry sky.

Tip: This is the last place where you may get electricity, so charge your gadgets, extra batteries, and power banks, if you require, to last the entire trek.

Day 2: Sankri-Juda ka Talab trek

  • Pack your things, have breakfast at the hotel/homestay, and leave to trek to Juda ka Talab. 
  • A small hike of 10-20 min through the beautiful oak and deodar forest and a walk to Saur village, Juda ka Talab is a famous sight, which is located between Sankri and Kedarkantha trek
  • Nail your camps near the lake, watch the beautiful sunset, make your fire and cook food like the locals, and enjoy your overnight camping experience.

Day 3: Juda Ka Talab-Kedarkantha base camp trek

  • Post breakfast at the Juda ka Talab campsite, trek towards Kedarkantha base camp.
  • Enjoy the surroundings of small streams on your way through dense pine forests.
  • Upon arrival at the base camp, rest for a while and set your tent. Make tea/coffee and admire the awesome view of Swargarohini, Bandarpuch, and Kala nag peaks.
  • Have dinner by the bonfire and enjoy the peaceful night. Overnight stay at the base camp.

Day 4: Trek to Kedarkantha summit-base camp

  • Start trekking to Kedarkantha summit early in the morning, around 3 AM. The snow path makes trekking a little difficult, but all worth an adventure if you get to see the Himalayan peaks so close.
  • As you start walking up the mountain terrain, the world begins to open up to you. Capture the snow-dashed path covered with brown and green leaves, cross the dense pine forest.
  • You will reach the top after 6-7 hours of trek, and the view will steal your breath. A panoramic view of various Himalayan ranges is surely waiting to blow your mind with its vast scenic landscapes.
  • Spend some time amid nature, then return to the base camp before night. Have a delicious, energetic dinner and sleep comfortably in your tent.

Day 5: Trek back to Sankri

  • Enjoy a delicious breakfast at the base camp and head back towards Sankri village.
  • Listen to the birds chirping in the meadows, mountains standing as tall and strong as ever are covered in winter snow, and exotic jungle walks connect you to nature closely.
  • Relax your muscles and have a hot cup of tea/coffee and share your experiences with one other.
  • Have dinner and go to sleep in your cosy beds.

Day 6: Sankri-Dehradun

Post breakfast in the village, board a transport and return from Sankri to Dehradun and then leave for your respective hometown. The trip ends here 😉

Before you swing your backup on your shoulder and head to trek the Kedarkantha, make sure you have all the necessary belongings with you like,

  • Warm waterproof jacket
  • Good hiking shoes (that works in both summer and snow treks).
  • Rain cover (for emergency).
  • Medium size backpack
  • Head torch and extra batteries.
  • Warm comfy clothes.
  • Extra pair of socks and essentials.
  • Inner thermals.
  • Woollen caps, scarves, gloves, and sunglasses.
  • Lighter or matches for fire.
  • Energy bars and nuts.
  • Thermos/Water bottle.
  • Extra warm blanket (if needed).

Kedarkantha Trek Enquiry

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FAQs about Kedarkantha Trek

The Kedarkantha Trek difficulty level is easy to moderate. For those who are planning their first trek in Uttarakhand, it is an ideal place to start. Kedarkantha is a haven during winter trek when the entire village and the great Himalayas are covered in snow.

The terrains to the kedarkantha summit are wide, cobbled paths easily trekked by beginners to reach the Kedarkantha peak. The snow-capped mountain peaks and lush greenery covering the valley will make your journey surreal.

The Kedarkantha trek organizers and experienced guides will make your first trekking experience unforgettable. The right snow- trekking shoes and trekking poles make it easier to climb the summit.

You can book the amazing 6 Night 5 Days Kedarkantha trek package at INR 6990 per person. The package includes meals, stays, and other basic amenities. Reach out to us by call, email or contact form.

The weather here is pleasant in all seasons. During the summer, the temperature goes up to 20℃ in the day and 6℃ in the night. The trails leading to the Kedarkantha peak blooms with colourful flowers and greenery all around, river Tons flowing by the side, and you can see little water streams formed by the melting snow from the Himalayas.

During winters, the temperature remains around 13℃ in the day and -8℃ in the night. The entire valley becomes quiet and white due to heavy snowfall. The water in the lake becomes frozen, and trails leading to the Kedarkantha top swamp in snow and the view of the Himalayas covered in snow are what makes the Kedarkantha the best winter trek.

Located within the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttarkashi, the total elevation of the Kedarkantha peak is 12,500 feet, which is 3800 meters above sea level.

The total distance covered during Kedarkantha trek is 20 km long.

To start your Kedarkantha trek, one needs to reach Sankri village, 435 km from Delhi and 200 km from Dehradun. To reach the quaint villages of Uttarkashi, you can reach Sankri;

Delhi → Dehradun →Sankri → Kedarkantha

Dehradun is well-connected via smooth, well-constructed roads for all types of vehicles. You can either drive a car by yourself or book a seat on a bus, train or flight from Delhi to reach Dehradun. If you’re taking public transport or flight, then. 

Day 1: Take the early morning direct bus to Sankri village from Dehradun ISBT.

Day 2: From Sankri, trek 4 km to Juda ka Talab and enjoy overnight camping.

Day 3: Trek to reach Kedarkantha base camp, which is 4 km from Juda ka Talab.

Day 4: Trek to Kedarkantha peak from the basecamp and return Juda ka Talab for overnight camping. We’ll cover a total of 6 km distance that day.

Day 5: Trek 6 km down to return to Sankri.

Day 6: Leave for Dehradun from Sankri.

Pack only the important things you will need on this trek to last six days without urban facilities. Some of the basic things are; extra socks, hiking shoes, a water bottle, raincoat, waterproof jacket, warm inner thermals, trekking pole, torch, adrenaline food like energy bars, and basic healthcare medicines and first-aid.

Kedarkantha is one of the popular winter trek destinations. A huge blanket of white powdered snow all around. Take pleasure in a crunchy walk through the pine forests over fallen brown leaves, get a beautiful panoramic view of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks, and enjoy snowboarding over the huge blanket of snow. Since the temperature in December decreases upto 12Kala℃ and heavy snowfall, the region goes out of electricity and running water for days. To ensure your trekking experience doesn’t get hampered, we have the best Kedarkantha trek organizers who take care of your basic needs during the trip.

It is easy to book your Kedarkantha trek package online by calling us at 8077146567 / 9897770643.

If you are familiar with the place and have trekking experience in the Himalayas through the snow-covered path, you can go on solo trekking in Kedarkantha. However, it is not advised to go solo on this trek.

There are three last ATMs available in Purola where you can withdraw the cash. However, there is a possibility you may find the ATMs out-of-cash. Hence we advise tourists to withdraw the cash from Dehradun only.

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