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Char Dham Yatra Weather, Temperature & Best Time To Visit

Char Dham Yatra Weather, Temperature & Best Time to Visit

The divine Char Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand is a holy pilgrimage to the four sacred shrines: Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri. This holy yatra is also known as the ‘Teerth Yatra,’ and millions of Hindu devotees visit the divine temples each year to find solace and peace. Being tucked away in the far reaches of the Northern Himalayas at a greater height, the Char Dham temples are exposed to extreme weather conditions like snowstorms, cloud bursts, and landslides, making it important for the pilgrims to keep note of the best time to visit Char Dham yatra for a pleasant experience. For this, we will see in this article the weather conditions in the Char Dham temples during different seasons along with the best time to visit Char Dham.

Best Time to Visit Char Dham Yatra

The best time for Char Dham Yatra is the months of May and June. During these months, the weather is at its best with favourable conditions for a stay, not too hot nor too cold. The months of September and October are also ideal for Char Dham Yatra, as Char Dham Tour Packages are booked during this time at a cheaper rate than during the peak season (April to June). 

But, avoid travelling during July and August. The Char Dham area experiences heavy rain during this time. In addition, helicopter flights will not be operational during the rainy season.

Also, check this year’s opening dates for Char Dham Yatra.

Char Dham In Summer (April to June)

In the Himalayan mountains, summer is beautiful since the valleys are in full bloom with a wide variety of flora after a tough winter. In Uttarakhand, the summer season marks its beginning in April. The Char Dham average temperature ranges between 20°C and 35°C during the summers, thus making it the best time to visit Char Dham Yatra.  The best time to visit the Kedarnath and Badrinath temple is during the summer, from April to June

Due to their higher altitudes, Gangotri and Yamunotri experience a later start to summer—nearly around the end of April. The weather is calm and relaxing, with warmer mornings but a slight drop in temperature at night. So, carry some warm clothes with you during your trip.

Char Dham In Monsoon (July - November)

Around the end of June to the end of September, the monsoon season begins in Char Dham. It is generally not advised to travel during the monsoon season because of the heavy rain and the possibility of landslides and flooding produced by overflowing rivers.

Despite this, devotees flock to the pilgrimage in large numbers. Therefore, If you are planning a Char Dham Yatra during the monsoon, it is always a good idea to check the weather forecast. Carry some rain gear and other necessary equipment as well.

From the end of September to the middle of November, there is another window of favourable weather for Char Dham Yatra. In the Himalayas, this is the pre-winter season when the valleys are thick with vegetation following a heavy monsoon but before the harshness of winter has arrived. In Uttarakhand, this is the ideal time to embark on the Chardham yatra.

Char Dham In Winter (November to March)

Char Dham In Winter

Winter is the only time the holy gates of Char Dham are closed for the pilgrims. The winter season in Char Dham destinations begins in October and ends in March. During this time, heavy snowfall prevents access to Char Dham, and the temperatures range from below zero to 15 degrees Celsius, making travel conditions even worse. 

Winter lasts from November to March on average, and the Darshan is halted during this time due to sub-zero temperatures and heavy snowfall. The Char Dham Yatra opens in the spring, beginning with the Hindu festival of Akshaya Tritiya. The weather in the Himalayas is highly erratic and constantly changing. As a result, it is recommended to have an idea of the best time to travel to Char Dham for a smooth journey.

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