Maldives Tour Packages: Deals upto 15% off

Maldives Tour Packages

Planning a trip to Maldives. Take a look at our exciting Maldives tour packages that cover stay, meals and transfers. Choose from a wide range of handpicked itinerary for Maldives tour. Easily customize your Maldives packages as per your travel requirements. Plan your Maldives tour with India Thrills and get the unbeatable deals at best prices.

About Maldives:

Known for its pristine waters, white sandy beaches and over-water luxury resorts, Maldives is a famous Island country having about 1180 islands, out of which only 200 are inhabitants. The Maldives have a large number of luxury accommodations including spa resorts, lagoons, overwater bungalows, and beach facing villas. As cool as it sounds above water, Maldives is equally exciting underwater, due to its vibrant corals and wonderful marine presence that consists of Sharks, Manta ray, Sea Turtle, Dolphin, Stingray, Lion fish and many more.

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Best Selling Maldives Tour Packages:

Maldives PackagesDurationCostDetails
Stay at Arena Beach Hotel, Maldives3 Nights | 4 Days Rs 52,590Explore Now!
Relaxing Maldives Vacation at Kuredu Island 3 Nights | 4 DaysRs 67,500Explore Now!
Paradise Island Maldives Holiday package4 Nights | 5 DaysRs 78,000Explore Now!
Maldives Special at Sunrise Beach Hotel3 Nights | 4 DaysRs 49,000Explore Now!
Exciting Maldives Tour Package4 Nights | 5 DaysRs 93,850Explore Now!

Book from a wide range of Maldives holidays package. And explore the charm of Maldives. With India Thrills, you get the best deals for Maldives packages inclusive of stay, transfers, and meals. Also, you can add a lot of breathtaking adventures from water sports and sky diving in your Maldives travel package. Our travel aficionados have curated a long list of the best possible itineraries for a Maldives vacation. So even if you’re looking for a quick escape to Maldives, you can browse Maldives tour packages for 3 nights and 4 days. And if your aim is to get relaxed and spend a good leisure time, we have 5 nights 6 days Maldives tour packages. Our prices for Maldives packages starts from 49000 per person only. So get in touch and book yourself a trip to Maldives.

Affordable Maldives Holiday Packages:

Package NameDurationCost
Budget Holiday at Maldives4 Nights | 5 Days Rs 67,990
Affordable 3 Nights Maldives Tour package3 Nights | 4 DaysRs 67,500
Best of Maldives with all meals & transfers3 Nights | 4 DaysRs 78,000
Chill in Maldives – Air, Stay & Speedboat transfers Inclusive3 Nights | 4 DaysRs 49,000
The affordable Maldives packages include some of the best budget hotels, transfers and meals. There are many Islands in Maldives which have the best foods and are relatively affordable. If you’re on a budget constraint and looking for a trip in International destination then, cheap Maldives packages are an ideal choice for you.

Maldives Packages With Flights:

Package NameDurationCost
Maldives Tour package with Flight4 Nights | 5 Days Rs 76,900
All-Inclusive Maldives Holiday 3 Nights | 4 DaysRs 83,500
Maldives Tour from India with Flight4 Nights | 5 DaysRs 95,000

Take a look at some of our Maldives packages with flights starting from 76,000 rupees only.

Best Time To Visit Maldives:

December to April is considered the best time to visit the Maldives as this is the summer season in the Maldives. The season is quite popular among tourists to enjoy their holidays and honeymoon, making it a heavily crowded place, as the Maldives don’t face any rainfall during these months. Due to Christmas and New Year celebrations, December sees a massive sea of people here. Hotel rates are at a peak these days, so it is better to get an all-inclusive Maldives package. Also, you can enjoy your favourite water activities and sports till the last day of April. May to November is the monsoon season, and you’ll end up facing heavy rainfall. Hotels and resorts are usually less pricey during this season, but still, it is not recommended to visit in this season, as you will not get the best experience of Maldives. 

Best Places to visit in Maldives:

Sandy beach in Maldives

Majestic Islands, luxurious accommodations and unbeatable serenity makes Maldives worth visiting. The major attractions in the city are Maafushi Island, Grand Friday Mosque, Hukuru Miskiiy Mosque, National Museum, Artificial Beach, Alimatha Island, Sand Bank, Hulhumale central park along and Sinamale Bridge. But one obviously cannot cover all these places in a go, so take a look at top places to visit in Maldives. 

1. Male City: The capital city, Male, is the tourist hub of Maldives. The city has restaurants, cafes, shops, offices, and mosques. It is also the biggest city in the country. Tsunami Monument, Sultan Park, National Museum and Victory monument are some of the major attractions in the city.

2. Maafushi Island: With the pristine waters, majestic beaches, and beautiful landscapes, Maafushi Island is the most famous Island in the Maldives. One can try various adventure sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, etc or go shark diving. Also, Maafushi enjoys authentic Maldivian Food. It is worth visiting on your Maldives trip.

3. Grand Friday Mosque: This famous mosque is situated in the heart of Male city. If you’re in Male city, you must visit this architectural wonder. Also, get to know about many unknown things at this main Islamic center about the religion and how it is practiced here.

4. Sinamale Bridge: This is a landmark bridge connecting Male and Hulhumale Islands or Maldives International Airport. To see this beautiful place, take a can to Male city. You will get to see a broad view of the beautiful ocean from here.

5. National Museum: If you get excited about history, you should not miss visiting the National Museum in the Maldives. Also, you can have a look at the items, including displaying weaponry and religious relics engraved in Arabic and Thaana.

6. Artificial Beach: The beautiful man-made beach attracts a massive wave of the young crowd. One can spot sharks here at the renowned Shark Point. Also, visit some famous places near artificial beaches, including Manta Point, Massimo Thila, and Kani Corner.

7. Bioluminescent Beach: Another famous attractions to visit in your Maldives tour is Bioluminescent Beach on Vadhoo Island, also known as the glowing beach. You will be stunned to see this beautiful sea of stars. You cannot miss having a look at this stunning view. There are more than 27 famous beaches here. Bioluminescent Beach, Hulhumale beach, Artificial Beach, and Kurumba Beach are some.

We covers these top places in our Maldives packages. So book a Maldives tour and make the most out of Maldives.

Things to do in your Maldives Trip:

Amazing things to do in Maldives

There are many exciting things you do in your trip to Maldives, be it enjoying and exploring your resort, soaking the sun on the beaches, exploring Maldives, trying different cuisines, or indulge in exciting water activities.

1. Watersports: You can definitely look forward to experiencing thrilling water sports on your Maldives trip. You can try scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, etc. Scuba Diving in Maldives would be a heavenly experience for you. You will get a chance to explore marine life through the crystal clear blue waters, having a sight of magnificent reefs and other creatures. 

2. Dolphin Watching: Dolphin Cruise Excursions are quite popular among the tourists. Your Maldives Tour would be incomplete without this short trip. You will catch a sight of cute dolphins playing in the ocean, leaving you feeling joyed. 

3. Island Hopping: Island Hopping will give you a chance to explore Maldives closely and locally. You can have a look at the local people, their lifestyle, communities, and more. You will end up knowing about this place closely and other than the lavish resorts/hotels.

4. Trying out cuisines: You can try different famous cuisines in Maldives. Don’t forget to try out the famous authentic Maldivian Cuisine. Try out on the Maldivian Lobster, Champagne Barbeque, A wide variety of meats and more. You can also explore the local markets and try the local food all by yourself.

5. Romantic dinner: If you’re a couple visiting Maldives for vacation, don’t miss a chance to enjoy a romantic candle light dinner on the beautiful beaches of Maldives. This will be a memorable experience for you to have a romantic time under the beautiful skies of Maldives.

6. Skydiving in Maldives: One of the best things to do in your Maldives trip is to go for Skydiving. Imagine a jump from a height of 10,000 feet at a speed of over 120mph, is what Skydiving in Maldives brings for you. Feel the adrenaline rushing all through your body during this exciting activity.

7. Fishing : One can try fishing in Maldives, if you have a spot for fishing. You will be having a great time hunting on the famous Tuna Fish here. You can either go with a local or can go on a regular fish expedition. You should choose according to your preference. 

The best thing is you can add any of these activities in your Maldives trip package and get yourselves a customized holiday trip.

How To Reach Maldives:

The only way to reach Maldives is by Air. Male International Airport is the main and largest airport in Maldives. For international flights, you need to travel to either the male international airport on Male Island or the Gan Airport in Addu City. These airports connect with most of the south-east Asian countries. You can also travel via domestic flights, their airports are Hanimaadhoo Airport, Kaadedhdhoo Airport, and Kadhdhoo Airport. You can easily travel to this country, without worrying about a visa. Maldives offers you 30 days on arrival visa which can be extended upto 90 days further for some specific reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions About Maldives:

If you’re from India, and planning a trip to Maldives, you can easily get a tourist visa on arrival without any cost. Indian citizens don’t require a pre-arrival visa. The necessary documents to carry for a tourist visa are a passport valid for next 6 months and return air ticket. Your on-arrival visa will be valid till 30 days which can be further extended upto 90 days.

The average price of a Maldives trip from India is Rs 1,30,000 for 2 persons. This cost includes air tickets, stay in a 5 star hotel, speedboat transfers. Below is the price chart highlighting Maldives trip cost from India.

Package TypePrice Per PersonInclusions
Economy Trip – 3 nightsRs 65,000Air Tickets & budget stay
Leisure Trip – 3 nightsRs 75,000Air Tickets, 4* hotel and transfers
Luxury Trip – 3 nightsRs 95,000Air Tickets, 5* hotel, Meals and Transfers

November to April is considered the best time for a Maldives trip as the weather is hot and pleasant to enjoy leisure time. During these times, Maldives don’t receive any rainfalls to ruin your day plans. It is also a good time to explore the best of Maldives.