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Andaman Tour Packages: Best Deals in 2023

Andaman tour packages in 2023

Holiday in mind? Take a look at our exciting Andaman tours. With India Thrills, you’ll get the best deals on Andaman tour packages. We offer fully customized tours to take care of your every little need.

About Andaman & Nicobar Island:

known for its white sandy beaches, spectacular marine presence and tropical evergreen forests, Andaman is a perfect retreat for anyone looking for a holiday. On your Andaman tour, visit Andaman Island’s hidden gems, including Havelock, Neil, North Bay, Jolly Buoy, and Ross Island. Not only this, Andaman is a paradise for adventure lovers due to its magnificent marine life, including sharks and ray fish. Also, beautiful corals in the seabed also make your scuba diving and snorkeling experience fun. Sounds exciting, so pack your bags for a trip to Andaman to enjoy this exceptional journey.

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Best Selling Andaman Tour Packages:


Starting from

₹ 24,990 / Person


Starting from

₹ 21,420 / Person


Starting from

₹ 20,980 / Person


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₹ 14,280 / Person


Starting from

₹ 28,560 / Person


Starting from

₹ 20,980 / Person

Popular Andaman Tour Packages:

Andaman Tour PackagesDurationCostDetails
Short Andaman Escape2 Nights | 3 Days Rs 8,700Explore Now! 
Amazing Andaman Trip with Havelock Island3 Nights | 4 DaysRs 13,500Explore Now! 
Andaman tour package with Ross Island 4 Nights | 5 DaysRs 18,900Explore Now! 

Andaman with Baratang & Havelock Island package

4 Nights | 5 DaysRs 20,700Explore Now!
Best Andaman Tour from Delhi5 Nights | 6 DaysRs 21,800Explore Now! 
Gems of Andaman – Ex Port Blair7 Nights | 8 DaysRs 28,500Explore Now!

Planning a holiday in Andaman, check out our wide range of exciting Andaman tour packages. Customise your Andaman packages as per your travel comfort. This Andaman tour covers your stay, meals and transfers. You can choose from short Andaman trips to long Andaman vacations. We have hand-curated the best possible itinerary for the Andaman Tour. Go through our all-inclusive Andaman tours and choose the best one for you.

Affordable Andaman Packages:

Get pocket friendly deals on Andaman packages starting from Rs 8,100 per person. Below are some of the affordable tour Packages for Andaman.

Affordable Andaman PackagesDurationCostDetails
Weekend Trip to Andaman2 Nights | 3 Days Rs 8,100Explore Now! 
Romantic Andaman Getaway with Havelock4 Nights | 5 DaysRs 15,500Explore Now! 
Magical Andaman Trip – 5 nights5 Nights | 6 DaysRs 21,900Explore Now! 

Also Browse, Andaman tour packages from a wide category, choose Andaman honeymoon tours, Andaman trip for couples, Andaman family packages.

Best Time To Visit Andaman:

September to May is usually considered the best time to visit and enjoy a vacation in Andaman and Nicobar Island. It is the best time, as you will face charming and pleasant weather. You can enjoy all the water-related activities and explore Andaman at ease. Prefer not to visit this place on Monsoons (June – September), as you will not be able to try water activities due to heavy rainfall. So, plan your Andaman & Nicobar tour accordingly.

Best Places to visit in Andaman:

Radhanagar beach at Havelock

1. Cellular Jail: Visit the famous attraction Kalaa Paani Jail in the capital city, Port Blair. Cellular Jail has a historical significance and it is used to imprison india’s freedom fighters

2. Havelock Island – Popularly known by the name of “Swaraj Dweep”. Being an adventurer’s favourite, it is home to many diving sites and beautiful beaches. Havelock Island is a must visit if you’re on a Andaman trip.

3. Radhanagar Beach: Radhanagar beach is one of the famous beaches on your Andaman tour. It is very popular among tourists to witness beautiful sunsets in the Andaman Islands. Catch the beautiful sight of the beach touching the sea and painting a perfect panorama to witness.

4. Kalapathar Beach: Located in Havelock Island, Kala pathar beach is a popular attraction in Andaman. The place is famous for its sunrise & sunset scenery.

4. Elephant Beach: One of Havelock Island’s most visited and famous beaches is Elephant Beach. You can visit this beach to see the wonderful fish life or have a leisure seawalk. 

5. Laxmanpur Beach: One of the most famous beaches of Neil Island is Laxmanpur Beach. Enjoy a long walk to the sunset point and shop for souvenirs from the stalls here. If you’re looking for a quiet time for yourselves on this hectic Andaman trip, then Laxmanpur Beach is a perfect spot for you.

6. Chidiya Tapu: If you don’t want to visit Havelock Island to witness a beautiful sunset, you can visit Chidiya Tapu in Port Blair. It is the best place to spend an evening in Port Blair. You can have a look at Rut Island too from this place. Just sit back and relax, admiring the beauty of this tapu. 

7. Baratang Island: One day trip to Baratang Island is a must when you’re on Andaman tour. The Limestone Caves, Mangrove Creek, and the Mud Volcano are major attractions in Island. To visit Baratang Island, you can take a speed boat ride. It is a peaceful place with a majestic view of Andaman sea.

8. North Bay Island: Visit the renowned North Bay Island, famous for its water sports. You can enjoy adventurous water-related stuff here, such as Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, etc. If you are not a water person, you can opt for the famous glass-bottomed boat ride. You will witness the beautiful corals and amazing underwater life closely.

Things to do on your Andaman Trip:

Andaman Island Snorkeling

1. Water sports: One of the best things to do in your Andaman trip is to enjoy thrilling water activities. Don’t miss trying on some thrilling and adventurous water sports sessions on your trip to Andaman. Many locations are offering you a wide variety of water sports. You can look at the pristine waters and mesmerising underwater creatures and corals. Some of the most famous beaches are North Bay Island, Neil Island, Radhanagar Beach, Elephant Beach, Baratang and Rangat Island. 

2. Sea walking: If you are someone who wants to indulge in out of the world experiences, try sea walking in Andaman. It is one of the most adventurous activities you can try here. Just walk around the seabed with proper safety, catching sight of the beautiful underwater world. One can add sea walking in their Andaman tour packages, and get the most out of your Andaman Trip.

3. Scuba diving: Andaman is a paradise for scuba diving lovers. With crystal clear water, stunning landscapes and varied marine life, it is a wonderful destination for Scuba diving. The famous spots for scuba diving in Andaman are Havelock and Neil Island.

4. Sunbathing: People who want to relax and have a peaceful time can try sunbathing in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. People mostly prefer Corbyn’s Cove to do this activity. This beach is relatively isolated from the rush of tourists. 

5. View sunset/sunrise: Witnessing sunsets or sunrise is one of the most popular activities in Andaman, which tourists look forward to. You can witness this mesmerising view at many beaches in Andaman, Radhanagar Beach, Chidiya Tapu, Sunset Beach, and Kanaidera Beach. 

6. Island Tours: Visit the famous islands – Havelock Island, Neil Island, Baratang Island, Ross Island, Smith Island and North Bay Island. You can enjoy various activities on these islands. You can try water activities, enjoy a leisure walk, swim, seawalk, and many more things. 

The best thing is you can add any of these activities to your Andaman Island tour packages and get yourselves a fully customised holiday trip.

Best Cuisine To Try Out in Andaman:

Andaman and Nicobar Island is famous for its exotic seafood variety available here. There is no specific Andaman cuisine, and you will get a variety of mixed cultures here. You can try fish, lobster, prawn or crabs dishes. You will also get Indian, Chinese, Thai and more cuisines to try here. It offers you a wide variety of food, filled with tasty and spicy food. You will find south Indian food available in most of the places here. Book an Andaman tour package for yourself to try out the best cuisines in Andaman Island.

Basic Andaman Tour Plan / Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival day

Arrive in Port Blair and get accommodation in your hotel with the help of our agent. This would be a hassle-free process. Enjoy your welcome drinks and rest for a few hours. Enjoy an amazing Sound and Light show in the Cellular Jail, Port Blair. Come back and enjoy an overnight stay in the hotel.

Day 2: Onto Diglipur

Rise early, have your breakfast and leave for Diglipur. It would be 8-9 hour ride via an A/C cab. You will witness beautiful landscapes and views throughout the journey. Try out some local food on your way. After reaching Diglipur, stay in your hotel and rest.

Day 3: Ross and Smith Island visit

Next day would be a small excursion to Ross and Smith Island. Explore and witness the beauty of these twin islands. Try sunbathing here, along with doing water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, and more. You will be stunned to witness such beautiful marine life, and if you are lucky you can also spot the famous olive ridley turtles here too. Come back to your hotel and enjoy an overnight stay.

Day 4: Bartang Island visit – Arrival in Port Blair

On your way back to Port Blair, visit the peaceful Baratang Island. Visit the famous and very popular limestone caves and mangrove creeks. You can also visit Parrot Island and Baludera Beach, and enjoy swimming as well as spot a wide variety of colorful parrots here. Come to Port Blair by the evening of the day and rest in your Port Blair hotel.

Day 5: Havelock Island tour

Go for a trip to Havelock Island. Get ready and reach the island via a ferry ride. Check-in your hotel there and get freshen up. Visit one of the world’s most renowned beaches, Radhanagar Beach. You can enjoy various water sports here such as, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, etc. After a tiring day, come back to your hotel and enjoy an overnight stay in Havelock Island.

Day 6: Kalapathar Beach 

Wake up, have your breakfast and check out your hotel. Leave for kalapathar beach and get mesmerized witnessing the beautiful views here. Sunbathing, swimming, and snorkelling are a few of the activities you can enjoy here. Leave for Port Blair after visiting Kalapathar Beach and have an overnight stay in Port Blair. 

Day 7: Departure Day

Depart Port Blair with lots of cherishable memories. Board your respective flight or cruise and get back to your home.

How To Reach Andaman:

The quickest way to reach Andaman is by air in just 2.5 – 4 hours. You can board direct flights from Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi and Vizag. If you wish to enjoy a cruise ride to Andaman, sail from Kolkata, Chennai and Visakhapatnam seaports to Haddo Wharf (main seaport at Port Blair). It’ll take you 3-4 days by this way to reach Andaman Islands. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Andaman:

To cover Andaman, you would need at least 6 days. So the average cost of a 5 nights 6 days Andaman trip is 18,200 rupees per person. The cost genrally depends on the no. of days and hotel you opt for.

October to May is considered the best time to visit and explore Andaman and Nicobar Islands. You will get nice and pleasant weather around these months, allowing you to enjoy various adventurous activities. Prefer not to go in monsoons (July to September) as this time will be a hurdle for you to enjoy water activities, island excursions, and more.

On an ideal 5 nights 6 days is required to exploring and enjoying a vacation in Andaman. 6 days are ideal, as you can cover all the famous and main spots in this time. You can go on island excursions, picnics, enjoy water activities, and relax in your luxurious resorts. 

No, you don’t need to have a passport or permit to visit Andaman, being an Indian citizen. You’ll just be required to carry some valid id proofs – e.g, voter id. But, if you wish to explore some restricted tribal areas of Andaman, you’ll require some specific permissions from concerned authorities.

Andaman Travel Guides: