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5 Reasons why you should go for Paragliding in Bir Billing

Paragliding has now become the sport that rules the heart of every adventurer who dreams of flying in the air. Starting in the 1950s, the sport has gained popularity to become leading adventure sports throughout the world. When it comes to the best paragliding locations in India. Bir Billing deserves the top spot. Bir Billing in India is the second-highest paragliding site in the world. For its significant popularity it is bestowed with the title of “Paragliding capital of India.”

Not only this paragliding in bir billing offers you the panoramic views of snow-capped mountains, and the aerial view of Bir Village.

So today, we will discuss why you should go paragliding in Bir Billing and give you 5-rock-solid reasons to choose Bir Billing as your first paragliding destination.

1. Best Paragliding Destination in Asia

Bir Billing is the highest paragliding destination in India and Asia. It is situated at an elevation of 8200 feet above and is known for its smooth take-off and landing places. Bir and Billing are two different spots, where Billing is the launching site for paragliding and Bir is the landing site for paragliding. After hosting the 2015 Paragliding World Cup. Bir-Billing has caught tourists’ eye and, in no time, became a popular paragliding destination in India.

2. Superior Paragliding Altitude

The beautiful mountains of Billing of Pir Panchal range are always ready to give a great experience to every paraglider. Billing’s hills that serve as the launching sites are about 1,525 meters high, making it an ideal place to get your fill of paragliding. The height-to-length ratio of the flight is essential to get the best paragliding experience. The aerial distance between Bir and Billing is 5 to 6 km, considered a reasonable distance.

3. Try with expert pilots and Operators

All paragliding organizations in Bir Billing operate with permission from the Tourism Department of Himachal Pradesh. And all pilots have years of experience flying in different locations. This experience, combined with the safest equipment, makes the whole paragliding in Bir Billing experience 100% safe.

4. Feel like a bird

Paragliding gives you an out-of-the-world flying experience, and you’ll feel like a bird flying in the air, freely overlooking the Pir Panchal and other Himalayan ranges. Also, a bird’s eye view of the mesmerizing surrounding in paragliding will make you feel alive and become a part of your lifetime memories.

5. Increased decision-making power & Mental Strength

Paragliding inspires thrill and enhances every adventurer’s decision-making power. The paragliding journey from Billing to Bir takes around 20 to 30 minutes. The drive will take you through the high terrains and hilly routes, and you’ll feel close to the mountains. According to researches, some studies prove that paragliding enhances your decision-making power and increase your mental strength. Paragliding activity require to be brave and once you complete the activity, you’ll get stronger and more confident.

If you’re satisfied with the above reasons, don’t wait anymore, book yourself a paragliding adventure in Bir Billing and fly like a free bird in the air.

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