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Water Sports in Tehri Dam: Cost, Timings and Reviews

Tehri Dam Water Sports

Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, Tehri Lake is the largest man-made lake in entire Asia and Spread over an area of 42 sq. km, with a depth of 200 m.

Recently, Tehri has gained popularity as the new attraction for many adventure seekers in India. Tehri Dam is quite popular for its water sports. From high-speed jet-ski to sailing in Hot- Air Balloon near Tehri lake, this place is no less than a paradise for adventure enthusiasts. Tehri Dam is the second popular destination for water sports after Goa! So if you’re near Tehri, do not miss out on the opportunity to indulge in Tehri dam water sports.

Tehri Water Sports:

water sports in tehri

Spend your day while enjoying Tehri Water Sports that include Jet Skiing, Flyboarding, Knee Boarding, Banana Ride, Surfing, Motorboating, Canoeing, Rowing and Hot-air-ballooning. Along with Tehri water sports, Tehri Lake is also a beautiful destination for lakeside camping.

Tehri Water Sports: Cost

The cost of water sports in Tehri ranges from Rs 300 – 1500 per person. And you can always get a better deal if you opt for a combo package of water sports in Tehri lake.

Activity NamePrice Per PersonDuration
Jet-SkiRs 10005 min
Motor BoatingRs 30030 min
Speed BoatingRs 60015 min
SurfingRs 7005 rounds
ParasailingRs 25002-5 min
Combo (Banana Ride + Jet-Ski + Motor Boating)Rs 20001 hr 15 min
Combo (Banana Ride + Jet-Ski + Speed Boating)Rs 25001 hr 15 min
Combo (Speed Boating + Jet-Ski + Surfing)Rs 30001 hr
Some of the top water sports in Tehri lake are:
Water Sports in Tehri Dam

Jet Skiing –  One of the most popular adventures to do in Tehri, Jet-Skiing is riding a water scooter at high speed while exploring the corners of Tehri Lake. Among Tehri water sports, Jet Ski in Tehri lake is everyone’s favourite. 

Price – Rs 350 for a 15-minute ride.

Speed Boating – While boating is exploring a lake or river at slow speed on a small boat to experience its surroundings. Speed boating is exactly the opposite of it, experiencing a lake or river in relatively less time at high speed for recreation. Picture yourself as a superhero as you cut the water waves on a speedboat. Speed boating in Tehri lake is a great water sport to experience.

Price – Rs 600 for a 30-minute lake ride.

Banana Ride – One of the fun and exciting water sports in Tehri Dam, the Banana ride is a popular activity for both children and adults. In the Banana ride, you’ll be sitting on an inflated banana-shaped boat that is tugged with speed boat which tries to flip the inflated boat and thereby make you fall into the water.

Price – Rs 600 for 30-minute ride.   

Surfing – As Tehri Lake is an artificial lake, so you got no waves to surf on. However, Surfing in Tehri Dam is little different and fun as well. You’ve to stand on the surfing board that is tied to high-speed water boat and try not to fall, feel the adrenaline rush when the boat engine starts and running. 

Price – It will cost Rs 800 for a 20-minute ride.

Parasailing – Indulge in a new adventure parasailing in tehri lake, the ride is 2-5 of duration and you’ll go high up in the air with the help of canopy. The experience will leave you blissed. Since it launched, Parasailing became one of the popular adventure sports here.

Price – It will cost somewhere between 1000-1500 for 2-5 minute ride.

We recommend you take the combo package of Jet-ski, Surfing along with other Water sports in tehri to enjoy utmost in the mountains!