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Kheerganga Trek Weather: Round the year

Kheerganga trek weather

It is very important to choose the best time while you’re gearing up for the Kheerganga trek. To experience the best moments, plan your trip during the summer season. It is the most favorable time for trekking in Kheerganga. The temperature during this season remains in the range of 10°C to about 30°C. You can complete your trek with very minimal winter wear, which will ultimately reduce your baggage weight. Summer is the peak season for tourists, so many travelers plan their trip to Himachal Pradesh to escape from their hectic schedule and scorching heat in the plains. Kheerganga trek always tops the list. Along with kheerganga, you can cover nearby tourist places namely Kasol, and Tosh Valley. 

Kheerganga in monsoon

In monsoon, kheerganga weather is not ideal for a trek, especially if you’re not an experienced trekker. The heavy rain makes the terrains uneven and slippery. You may witness road blockages. There is a high risk of landslides, and various routes may be closed during this time. The temperature ranges between 20°C to 35°C. But the valley attains its utmost beauty during this time. It blossoms new buds and makes the valley lively with the chirping of birds, dragonflies, and the splashing sound of Parvati kund of Parvati river.

Kheerganga in Winter

During the winter season, the temperature drops down to a range of 2°C to 8°C. Due to snowfall during this time, sometimes the Celsius scale might hit 0°C. If you visit in these months, you will experience everything embedded under snow. The valley looks monotonous during this time. You might not have a great experience during this time, as the trails will be snowy. Sometimes, the routes might get closed.

Kheerganga Trek Enquiry
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Kheerganga In Summer

Trek to kheerganga

Kheerganga Trek in March

The best time to visit Kheerganga in the summer season starts in March. The snow slowly starts melting down during this time, but you will still find some snow at the top. The weather becomes a little less chilly during this time, and the temperature ranges from 4°C minimum to 10°C maximum. As the spring washes away the snow steadily, the rarely seen wildlife become easy to spot as they come down near the river to quench their thirst.  

Kheerganga Trek in April

The gradual melting of snow from March and till April it is completely gone. The temperature remains delightful at a range of 8°C minimum to a maximum of 14°C. It is the peak season for tourists visiting Parvati valley and Kheerganga. During this month, you may witness the snowfall if you visit in the first week. The water that comes out from the melting snow helps the valley bloom and glow into shiny green meadows. Then, Kheerganga becomes lively again, making it a perfectly picturesque place to capture and making this month favorable to visit Kheerganga.

Kheerganga Trek in May

May is another pleasant month to trek the Kheerganga trail. This month, the temperature during the day will be moderately warm, and nights are pleasantly cold. The temperature ranges between 7°-16°C. If you’re looking for the best month to visit kheerganga, then planning a trip to kheerganga in “May” would be a smart choice. The perfect weather also attracts a large crowd this month. Due to peak season, the cost of travel, stay, and meals become a bit expensive.

Kheerganga Trek in June

June is the warmest month all around the year as the temperature ranges from 17°C to 21°C. You don’t need heavy woolens or warmers during the trek. Just a t-shirt with trousers will work. It also helps to cut down the weight of your luggage and will make your trek more accessible. It would be best to carry a light jacket for the evening time as the temperature drops after sunset. The sky remains clear during nighttime, and you can trace the constellations in the starry sky during your camping at the top of Kheerganga. 

Kheerganga In Spring

Kheerganga Trek in July

Pre-monsoon showers are on their way to the Parvati Valley during the end of June, and the monsoon starts in July. It is safe to visit in the first half of the month because after that, until September, heavy rain is the major obstacle for trekking in this region. You will surely face landslides, slippery and blocked roads. If you are planning to visit during this season, take all the safety measures and waterproof every gear. The temperature ranges between 12°C to 16°C.

Kheerganga Trek in August

This is the time where you will see green lushes in every corner of the valley. Every nook and cranny rejuvenates with a purely fresh aura. The valley blooms with all kinds of flowers, which captivates your sight to behold. The temperature ranges between 11°C to 17°C. The difficulty level of the trek will increase during this time. As this place will be filled with abundant greenery, you will witness some of the unseen faunas of the valley near the river. This time would be great for nature lovers but not so great for the trekkers.

Kheerganga Trek in September

The jolly time is here! This month, the monsoon is almost over, and rainfall will be limited to a minimum of centimeters. The valley will be flourishing in abundant vibrancy. Witness the enchanting views of Kheerganga valley surrounded by dense and luscious greenery. The temperature will range between 15 °C maximum and 10 °C minimum.

Kheerganga Trek in October

The season of fall is here. The autumn breeze turns every green leaf into yellow to vibrant orange hues. This is a great time for photographers to capture the dazzling Kheerganga valley in their cameras. The temperature ranges between 18 °C maximum and 11 °C minimum. The weather is very calm and pleasant. It is not so warm and not too cold. The roads are clearer, which is perfect for trekking.

Kheerganga In Winters

Kheerganga weather in december

Kheerganga Trek in November

In November winter starts. From this month, the temperature goes further down to 14°C maximum and 9°C minimum. The valley seems to be colorless and mundane, which will make the trekking experience not so interesting. This might not be the suitable month to visit Kheerganga, but the prices are really low because of the off-season. If you want to experience the thrill of the trek in a budget-friendly way, then you can come in November.

Kheerganga Trek in December

 December usually covers the whole valley under the sheet of white snow. The temperature remains freezing from 5°C minimum to 10°C maximum. Usually, the snowfall starts from the mid of the month, but chances of snowfall remain throughout the month. The temperature goes down from 0°C to -4°C during snowfall. You must carry proper warmers, thermals, woolens, and a jacket. Remember to wear shoes that can be walked in snow and must be waterproof. Otherwise, it will be difficult to trek.

Kheerganga Trek in January

January is considered the coldest month in the entire year for kheerganga trekking. The temperature ranges between 2°C minimum to 9°C maximum. You will rarely spot any wildlife in this region. Most of them go under hibernation. The higher you will go, you will realize the oxygen levels drop down, and you will be tired soon. Snowfall is heavy during this time, and the trails are submerged under the 4 to 5 ft layer of snow. If you want to witness snowfall, then you can plan your trek with proper safety gear and outlive the thrill.  

Kheerganga Trek in February

The valley will be still under the carpet of snow, even denser. Most of the trails are closed, and places are not in a position to offer accommodation. The temperature ranges between 3°C minimum to 10°C maximum. During the night, the temperature may drop to 0°C. The situation is the same as in January. It is not recommended to visit during heavy snowfall, as there are big chasms in the routes, there are chances of losing paths. But, if you want to take the chances and are an experienced trekker and love adventure, you may come with all the safety and protection gears to witness the valley covered with snow.

Best Time to Visit Kheerganga for trekking

The best time for the Kheerganga trek is from April to June. This is the safest time, and the weather will remain in a delightful state to visit this magical Parvati Valley. If you want to see snow, then you must plan your trek from January to March. If you want to catch a live snowfall, January and early February will be best. If you are a photographer and want vibrant hues in your albums, then you must plan a Kheerganga trek in September.

With this handy guide, you can plan the Kheerganga trek any month. If you are thinking of visiting this place as soon as possible, you can book your Kheerganga trek here!