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Things to do in Shimla

Things to do in Shimla

Shimla is the most popular hill station amongst tourists all over India. It is one of the country’s most romantic, adventurous, and peaceful hill stations. You can do many exciting things on your trip to Shimla, enjoying romantic dinners with your partner, shopping at the lively markets, indulging in thrilling adventure activities, or relishing lip-smacking cuisine. Below is the list of 15 best things you can do in Shimla to make your trip fun and memorable.

Top 15 things to do in Shimla

If you are somebody who loves adventure, then paragliding is the best thing you can do in Shimla. Witness the eye-catching views of dreamy landscapes while flying high in the sky. Kangra Valley is the best destination for paragliding in Shimla. Book your tickets here.

  • Cost – Rs 2600 per person
  • Best Time – October to June

2. River Rafting

Rafting in Tattapani River, Shimla

River Rafting is one of the most adventurous things anyone can do in Shimla. Organized from Tattapani, Shimla rafting can be done in two stretches: 14 km and 16 km. January to December is the best time to go rafting in Shimla.

  • Time: 9 am to 5 pm
  • Price: INR 1000/-

3. Toy Train Ride

Toy Train Ride in Shimla

Remember to enjoy the very famous toy train ride in Shimla. It is one of the best exciting activities to do in Shimla with kids. You can easily get the tickets at the Kalka railway station. Enjoy a cute and memorable ride from Kalka to Shimla.

  • Route – Kalka to Shimla
  • Price – INR 540/- Per Person

4. Expore Lakkar Bazaar

Lakkar Bazaar, Shimla

Visit and explore the famous Lakkar Bazaar in Shimla from 9 in the morning to 7 in the evening. There are various souvenirs here at the Lakkar bazaar and the Tibetan market. If you are a shopping freak, you should visit these markets once.

  • Time – 9:00 am to 10:30 pm
  • Things to do – Shopping, & Explore Himachali culture

5. Trek to Jakhoo Temple

Trek to Jakhoo Temple in Shimla

Enjoy a trek to the highest peak in Shimla. Trek to Jakhoo Temple is one of the best spiritual activities in Shimla. The trek is about 2.5 km long and will take you to the Jakhoo Temple and hills. Visit the Jakhoo Temple, and offer your blessings there to lord Hanuman.

  • Location – Near Jakhu Park, Shimla
  • Time – 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

6. Delicious Cuisine

Himachali food

Shimla’s food will not disappoint you for sure. Exploring the various cafes and restaurants here is one of the best activities to do in Shimla. Try Shimla’s authentic cuisine; dishes like Thukpa, Dhaam, Babru, Madra, etc., are the most famous here.

  • Best Restaurants – Cafe Shimla Times, Cafe Sol & Himachali Rasoi

7. Shopping at Mall Road

Shimla Mall Road

Explore the Mall Road of Shimla and enjoy the vibes of Shimla here. You can shop for souvenirs here from a wide variety of stuff available. If you are a handicraft lover, Mall Road will satisfy you.

  • Time – 9:00 am to 11:00 pm
  • Nearby Attractions – Christ Church, Scandal Point & The Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex

8. Visit Kiala Forest

Visit Kiala Forest

Kiala Forest is the perfect spot for every nature lover and enthusiast. Located in Kotkhai, this is one of the best offbeat locations in Shimla and trekking here is the best thing to do. Explore the forest, click pictures, and spend some peaceful time in the lap of nature here at Kiala.

  • Best time to Visit – March to June & October to December
  • Best Activities – Camping & Trekking

9. Trekking

Trekking in Shimla

Trekking is one of the best things to enjoy in Shimla. Shimla is home to many exciting and easy trekking trails. Dhanu Devta Temple Trek, Kamna Devi Temple Trek, Chadwick Falls Trek, Churdhar Trek, Shimla – Jalori Pass Trek, and Shali Tibba Trek are some of the fantastic treks you can participate in Shimla.

  • Best time to Trekking – March to June & October to January
  • Nearby Treks – Jakhu Temple Trek, Dhanu Devta Trek & Shali Tibba Trek

10. Adventure activities at Kufri

Adventure activities at Kufri

Visiting and exploring Kufri is one of the best fun to do in Shimla. This hot tourist spot is perfect for fantastic adventure activities, exciting snow activities, and ethereal views. You can do many adventurous things/activities here at Kufri, Shimla.

  • Best time to Visit – December to February
  • Activities – Skiing, Camping, Trekking, Yak & Horse Riding

11. Camping

Camping in Shimla

Camp under the mesmerizing sky of Shimla and have the best experience of your life. Camping is undoubtedly one of the most exciting activities you can participate in here. Camp Chrysalid is a famous camping site in Shimla.

  • Best Camps site – Backwoods Mountain Camp Hamta, Himalayan Frontiers Adventure Camps & Camp Exotica Manali
  • Camping Type –Swiss Camp, luxuary & riverside camp

12. Spend a peaceful time at Chadwick Waterfalls

Spend a peaceful time at Chadwick Waterfalls

Visiting Chadwick Waterfall is one of the best offbeat things to do in Shimla. This place should be top on your list. Located at a distance of 7 km from Shimla, Chadwick waterfalls offer peace with amazing views. Witnessing sunrise at the Chadwick fall is one of the best experiences in Shimla.

  • Location – Near Hotel Green View, Shimla
  • Best time to Visit – April to June

13. Enjoy a Cottage Stay

Enjoy a Cottage Stay in Shimla

If you plan a vacation to Shimla, try to plan your stay in a cottage. The experience you will get in a cottage stay in Shimla is just unbeatable. The beautiful, cute, cosy cottages are the best in the hills.

  • Best Cottages – Wood vista, Livingstone Countryside Apple Orchard, Marley Villa, Cedar Cottage & Ekant Vatika

14. Ice Skating

Ice Skating in Shimla

Enjoy Ice Skating in Asia’s only open-air and natural ice-skating rink of India in Shimla. This would be one of the most exciting activities to do in Kufri Shimla. You can enjoy it from December to February.

  • Places to try – Ice Sketing Rink, Near Cerculer Road & Roller Sketing, Near Ridge Sanjuali Road
  • Price – INR 100 to 500 Per Person

15. Visit Shimla Ridge

Ridge Road in Shimla

Another great Activities to do in Shimla is visit – The Ridge. If you want to enjoy many things at a single spot in Shimla, then Shimla Ridge is your go-to destination. Ridge has many cafes, shops, bars, restaurants, and colonial-era buildings. You can visit the Shimla Ridge from 8 am to 6 pm.

  • Best time – 8 am to 6 pm

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Frequently Asked Questions About Shimla

May to June and November to February are the best times to visit Shimla, but if you want to experience the winter season here, you should plan your trip for December or January.

Paragliding, River Rafting at Tattapani, Camping, Shopping at Mall Road / Lakkar Bazaar / Tibetan Market, and Ice Skating in Asia’s only open-air rink in India are the top 5 things everyone should do in Shimla.

Enjoying adventurous activities at Kufri, participating in Skiing at Narkanda, Trekking to Shaily Peak, visiting Chadwick Waterfall, etc., are some of the top fun to do in Shimla in December.

You can do things like the- hike to Jakhoo Temple, explore the Mall Road, visit the Shimla Ridge, and try authentic food of Shimla in a day’s trip to Shimla for sure.