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Are you afraid of heights? You want to fly, but false acrophobia you have, is stopping you? 

Well, take a trip to Jaisalmer deserts and experience parasailing there. Jaisalmer city with rich culture, ancient ruins, and man-made lakes makes the best spot for Parasailing in Rajasthan. Prepare yourself for a sail in the wind and catch the bird’s- eye view of the entire Thar Desert.

As a part of the activity, parachutes are tied on the back of the jeep and flown in the direction of the wind. This entire activity is guided under the supervision of experienced parasailing instructors. Take the time off your hectic schedule and get ready to fly over the barren lands of Jaisalmer. The parasailing activity is fun & uncertain and we can bet you don’t want to miss out your chance!

Parasailing Cost In Jaisalmer

Different service providers charge different fares for this activity. The cost ranges from Rs 800-1500 on average per person for a 30 minute parasailing adventure.

Package Name Price in INRDurationRatings
Short parasailing funRs 79830 min5 *
Explore the desertRs 280060 min4 *

As this adventurous activity depends on the weather, your bookings for the same can get rescheduled if the weather is not in favour. So, you better have the extra day or two to enjoy this enthralling experience.

  • Parachute, obviously!
  • Professional instructor to guide you all the way
  • Safety gears
  • Any videography charges.
  • Any other thing that is not mentioned in ‘inclusions.’
  1. Bring your own camera to capture your experience and cherish them later.
  2. Don’t forget the sunglasses to save you from all the windswept sand and sunlight
  3. Bring an extra pair of clothes, because you are going to get dirty
  4. Protect your skin from sunburn, so bring your sunscreen

Parasailing in Jaisalmer: Timings

Parasailing in Udaipur

Parasailing operates between 7:30 am -5:30 pm.

The most recommended time to enjoy the Parasailing is either the early morning at sunrise or in the evening before sunset. You can pick anytime that suits you better. Due to immense heat at mid-day, we won’t recommend you the timing after 10:00 am.

However, The best month to enjoy this activity is from September-March as weather is quite pleasant and cool.

FAQs about Parasailing In Jaisalmer

Yes, it is a safe adventure activity that will leave you all stun. You will be flying under the constant supervision of the experienced instructors all the time.

Any person above 10 years old can enjoy the parasailing adventure. However, there are no upper age-limits.

One should not weigh more than 95 kg to enjoy parasailing activity. 

Parasailing lasts for about 30 minutes over the dunes of the Thar Desert, which makes you see the whole ground in a panoramic view.

You can pick a slot of your choice from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm throughout the day. You will be experiencing what it is like to be up in the air and fly with the wind over the dunes in Jaisalmer.

You can book a hotel in Jaisalmer or you can spend a night under the starry sky in one of the desert campsites.

To book parasailing activity, call – 8077146567 or 9897770643. You can also send an email to us at

You can contact at +91-9897770643 to book your slots for parasailing tour in Jaisalmer.

Enquiry for Parasailing in Jaisalmer

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